Robin Cheeky was created when I was in third grade. I started drawing at my desk in school. I drew Robin Cheeky on paper and he came alive and became my imaginary friend. He's in my diary.

He went everywhere with me. I told him my secrets. He helped me with my homework and would sit at my roll top desk just smiling at me. He was and is my best friend. 

Years passed and I got married and had kids. One day I noticed my kids were drawing pictures of Robin Cheeky in their bedrooms. They must have found him in my old diary. I thought "if my kids like Robin Cheeky, maybe other kids would too!"  And they do!

So because I like to use my imagination and create, I started writing Robin Cheeky books. The first book "Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys" which was a true story where I drew smiley faces all over my bedroom walls. I decided to make these smileys magical where Robin Cheeky can use them to travel to his adventures, all from his bedroom.
The second book , "Robin Cheeky Travels to the Land of Candy" came about because I loved candy as a kid. So I decided Robin Cheeky should travel to a Land of Candy. 
Now I have just finished the manuscript for the third book, "Robin Cheeky Travels to the Cousin Club" . I love to be with my cousins, so I decided Robin Cheeky should go on a Cousin Club adventure. You can preorder this copy and receive a special Robin Cheeky surprise! 
My mission is for Robin Cheeky to reach everyone on our celestial globe and to encourage you to create and use your imagination! And most of all:  "Have a Cheeky Day!"

About Robin Cheeky

Have a Cheeky Day!

Robin Cheeky is named
"Best character of the year"
by, Thomas Rostlen, NY

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