Robin Cheeky originated in 1970. At that time I was in third grade and had a mind that was full of imagination. I began drawing at my desk in school, where I would sketch all kinds of magical adventures and friends to guide me through them. Then one day I drew Robin Cheeky. He became my best imaginary friend throughout the years because in my mind he came alive every time I scribbled something new. He took my mind to creative places that I never thought was possible. This is when I started drawing him everywhere. I drew him in my diary where I told him all of my secrets, he was on my roll top desk where he would help me figure out my homework, and he took me to a place that I called home when I really needed it.​

Well, as years passed, I boxed up my youth and moved forward in life where I met my husband and had children. As they got older there was one box tucked away in our basement that they would always ask about, but we never opened. Later on, my kids grew older and must have been curious what was in “that box”; as any child would. I knew they rummaged through and found my drawings because I noticed my kids were drawing pictures of Robin Cheeky in their bedrooms. This day was the moment I realized how special Robin Cheeky still was and thought "if my kids like Robin Cheeky, maybe other kids would too!" (And let me tell you they do!) 

So, I thought to myself “how I can make him come alive to others, like he was to me?” Since I love to use my imagination and tell stories, I figured the only way to answer that question was to start writing Robin Cheeky books. 

The first book "Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys" which was a true story where I drew smiley faces all over my bedroom walls (Yes, I got in big trouble for that!). This is where I decided to make these smileys magical, and Robin Cheeky can use them to travel to any adventure he takes, all from his bedroom.

The second book, "Robin Cheeky Travels to the Land of Candy" was written because I loved candy as a kid and knowing I was limited on how much I could have, I thought “What child doesn’t love candy and how can they get more than enough of it without eating it?”. So, I decided Robin Cheeky should travel to a Land of Candy and show kids how the sugary sweets they love can come to life using their imagination. 

Now, I have just finished the third book, "Robin Cheeky Travels to the Cousin Club". Growing up, I loved to be with my cousins as family is and always was a huge part of my life, so I decided Robin Cheeky should go on a Cousin Club adventure. My goal of this book is to show how important family is and how many endeavors are capable with the support and love of those around you. 

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