"When this book arrived in the mail, my children and I ripped open the package, snuggled together on the couch, and got lost in the world of Robin Cheeky."

"If you were one of those people who had an imaginary friend, this is one tale you will be able to relate to!"

D. Fowler of Vermont

"I recently purchased this book for my niece and nephew. They absolutely fell in love with Robin Cheeky & Pluxie - so did I!"
Jennifer Vecoli

"This book teaches compassion and tolerance, along with love. Pluxie the cat is adorable, too."

"I have given it to other children as gifts and the love for Robin Cheeky is growing." jeswire on Amazon

"This book is great at keeping children's attention, it is very colorful. The pages scream out at you with big,bold, bright illustrations."
Shirley Priscilla Johnson 

"This book absolutely fascinated my two and a half year old grandson. We read it six times in a row and he still wanted more."
Tami Brady "  Whole Health Therapist" 

"It's a sweet book and a great story that leaves you excited to see what happens in the follow-up book."
Susan E. Beebe

"Yeah-can't wait for the new book. I had on my Pluxie shirt the other day and my 4 yr. old wanted to read the books  again for the zillionth time!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Colleen Krop    
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